Sheri is not a typical court concubine. She must
keep the emperor happy but she must not lay him
or it will be fatal, or so it goes. She tells him five
stories, each with 20 different sexual positions. The tale of the stable boy and the lady. Of two lads
and their love interest Lotus Blossom. Of two royal
scrub maidens in an intense and erotic bathing
ritual. Of the stable boy and his two captive
wenches. And finally... of the emperor himself,
which proves to be the most satisfying of all. Our
position is lotus. Your postion is right in front of
your computer... 

Directed by: Ralph Parfait Stars: Kobe Tai with Suzi Suzuki, Monique DeMoan, Stephanie Swift and Chloe. Plus TT Boy, Jon Dough, Colt Steele and Mark Davis.

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